Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the facilities offered to the members of Hatch Spaces?
    • All members are given access to High-Speed Internet (up to 100 MBPS) through Wi-Fi, made available through dedicated leased lines.
    • Members will also have preferential rights to book conference rooms.
    • Members will have free access to various activities, like Manic Monday surprises, Sports competitions, Birthday sessions etc. Meet and Connect with other members at these events.
    • Dedicated fully ready to plug and play air-conditioned private offices, with lockable cabinets and all furniture.
    • Limited printing/copying and scanning facilities.
  • What are the plans offered by Hatch Spaces for membership?

    Hatch Spaces has Private Offices, Dedicated Desks, and Hot Seats. All membership plans include access to our events, chill out zones and dining areas.

    • Private Offices are fully enclosed, lockable office space with lockable filing cabinets and access keys.
    • Dedicated Desk is an assigned desk space in an open air-conditioned area, shared with other members. This dedicated space comes with a lockable filing cabinet for your personal belongings. Desktops may be set up and left overnight.
    • Hot Desks are desks in an open air-conditioned space. When you purchase a Hot Desk, there is no need to reserve a particular workspace in advance each day; you can come and go as needed and use any available desk.
  • Does Hatch Spaces offer long-term leases or membership plans?

    We offer long-term plans to suit your requirements. Kindly get in touch with our community manager for further details.

  • When do the membership plans start?

    All membership plans are billed from the day of sign up on “pro rata basis” and thereafter from the the 1st of the second month. A 1 month termination notice is required from Private Office and dedicated desk members. There is no termination notice required from Hot desk members.

  • I love Hatch Spaces and would like to bring in my friends. Is there a referral reward program?

    Yes, Hatch Spaces has a referral program. Any existing member who gets an additional member to the “Hatch Space” family will be credited with 10% of the monthly Membership Fee of the incoming member for up to one year. This applies to Hot Desk, Labs, Dedicated Desk, and Private Office membership plans. There are no limits to the number of referral rewards a member may earn.

  • How much Space is allotted for a workspace?

    Every workspace has been thoughtfully designed to give you ample space to set up your laptop / desktop, a power port and WiFi. In addition, you also have access to a host of amenities like Tea / Coffee / Cookies.

  • How do I schedule a tour or visit Hatch Spaces?

    Give us a call at +91-8086408999 or drop us a mail at We will get back. You can also drop in any time for a visit.

  • What are the office hours at Hatch Spaces?

    Hatch Space staff will be on site from 9 AM – 6 PM, Monday through Saturday.

  • What is the average square footage at Hatch Spaces?

    Hatch Spaces is uniquely designed in accordance with international norms, to ensure that the office provides more than enough room for a team to work comfortably. You can visit the office for ascertaining the same.

  • How many printouts are included in the membership plan?

    We are eco friendly and would like to reduce prints. All members can take a maximum of 10 prints per day. This limit cannot be carried over to the next day. All additional prints are chargeable at Rs 20/- per copy.

  • When and How can I reserve a workspace?

    Workspaces can be reserved Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM. You can reserve as many days as you would like on an a la carte basis, just get in touch facilities like collar mikes, speakers etc and an overhead projector.

  • Can I book Conference Rooms for weekends?

    Yes, you can book conference rooms for weekends. Get in touch with our Community Manager for reservations.

  • Do I need to register my guest for Conference Rooms?

    You need to register all guests coming in to conference rooms.

  • Can my guest visit me at my Private Office?

    You can get your guests to Private Office during working hours. Just keep the Community Manager informed. However, your office space has a limited capacity. If the number of members or other individuals regularly using your office space regularly exceeds the number allocated on your membership details form, you will be required to pay the additional fee as indicated by the Community Manager. Hatch Spaces reserves the right to limit the number of Members allowed at any point.

  • What are the payment options for me to sign up?

    All plans can be paid for by credit / debit cards.

  • Do I have to pay a security deposit for a membership?

    Yes. A security deposit of one and half months (1.5 months) is required for all monthly plans. This deposit will be returned at the end of your stay, without interest.

  • When do I have to let Hatch Spaces know that I am moving out?

    Members with Private Offices and Dedicated Desks are required to give one-calendar month notice prior to moving out. Move out  intimation must be submitted in writing by the last business day of the month prior to vacating. Example: If a member wants to move out on May 31st, they must give notice to Hatch Spaces on Apr 30th.
    Hot Desks can be cancelled at any time in consultation with the Community Manager. However, cancellation of members who have availed monthly Hot Desk plans, will be effective only from the last day of the indicated month.

  • Is there a late fee charge for delayed payments?

    Hatch Spaces charges a late fee of 10% of the outstanding invoice, excluding Service Retainers, for payments we haven’t received by the 10th day of the month.

  • What are charges for damages and loss of keys etc?

    The charges for damages or loss is a as follows:-
    Loss of Keys – Rs 10,000/-
    Damages to furniture, electrical fittings or any other property of Hatch Spaces – Will be as per assessment of Hatch Space team